Kitunga Ya Mboka is a Lingala phrase meaning, 'Basket of the Country We are The Basket of the country! We are Kitunga Ya Mboka!


Kitunga Ya Mboka is a grass roots, community centred organisation that provides basic level of assistance in the areas of youth education as well as providing emergency health care for those citizens in greatest need.
We work with hospitals, orphanages and support centres providing what we can when and where we can.
We support gifted young people and adults with empowerment projects through targeted, focussed and closely monitored entrepreneurship training.

We have the heart, the determination and the vision to ensure the basket of the country will never be empty.

Kitunga Ya Mboka is a Lingala phrase meaning, 'Basket of the Country'

We are The Basket of the country!. We are Kitunga Ya Mboka!


Our desire is to bring like-minded Congolese people from all parts of the Congo onto one platform.
A platform that would give us a space to know the true history of our wondrous country and a space where we will formulate ideas and engender strong networks which will progress throughout Africa.
We aim to promote the holistic education of our young Congolese children, from womb to primary and onto secondary education and further.
We will work to promote better health care education throughout the care sector such as hospitals, rural clinics and create safe and meaningful mental-wellbeing centres.
We will identify like-minded stake-holders who are true and transparent in their wish to see a better world for the African man, woman and child. We aim to harness potential and work collectively towards ownership of our own destiny.
We will harness and promote community minded, African activities that will ensure for a better and more prosperous Congo.
We aim to provide a platform that will empower all Congolese people, through their talents such as arts and social entrepreneurship drawing up the mantra 'each one, teach one'.